The Company

Roumeliotis GroupOur company has been in constructing business since 1980. Our object is studying, supervising and constructing private projects, which are residential and commercial spaces. In the last five years we have also expanded in residential renovations with an emphasis on the energy upgrade.

The increase in fuel prices together with economic recession in our country has resulted in all of us make efforts to save energy in our daily life, something that a few years ago it was unfortunately unknown. However, I think that we all now understand the importance of energy saving and everyone will intensify our efforts to achieve it.

Our long experience in constructions enables us to provide solutions in a wide range of construction issues that the client may require.

Our new houses are high energy rating and in all of our projects our goal is the know-how and continuous improvement of our constructions.

In the current economic situation, the main criterion while buying a residence is just the price. This does not reflect the actual operating costs of a dwelling. Here come the residences with upgraded energy solutions which, in the long run, will save money. So, the prospective buyer, before taking a final decision, has to keep in mind all these factors and not just the initial purchase price.

With honor,

Roumeliotis K. Andreas
Civil Engineer